Stephen Curry & PGA Juniors of America Partner to Transplant Golf in Urban Communities (Public Relations Campaign Course Assignment)

My partnership with the PGA Juniors of America comes with great enthusiasm for my passion for golf and commitment to influence youth participation in the sport. Building complexes in the inner-cities to encourage these communities to participate in the sport of golf is crucial to bridging the diversity gap. One of the benefits of this partnership is my influence on these communities through basketball so now I want to give back and offer them another side of Steph Curry.

As a child, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to a variety of sports. Beyond basketball, I would consider golf my next favorite sport because it gave me an outlet to express creativity and talents in something other than a contact sport. On behalf of PGA Juniors, this partnership greatly benefits the inner-cities by providing the people with an experience like non-other. These complexes will feature some of the best 9 hole courses, instructional golf camps and host its own instructional golf leagues for youth. In addition to the great amenities; myself and PGA have partnered with some of the country’s largest corporations to provide sponsored events to subsidize the cost for those in attendance.

This project is just the first of many stepping stones towards a greater cause and is something that PGA, myself, my family and the partners are wholeheartedly committed to and we are extremely confident that our efforts will ultimately make a difference in someone’s life.