Adidas Brand Ambassador Kris Bryant Helps Adidas Create Opportunities for Youth Baseball Players (Public Relations Campaign Course Assignment)

As a child, baseball was my life. The ultimate goal in my life was to become a Major League Baseball player and with all of the tools and resources readily available, all I had to do was work hard. My dad played minor league baseball for a number of years and was blessed to be instructed by some of baseball’s greatest players, one being Ted Williams. My dad taught me some of those same principles as he was taught by Mr. Williams which partly gave me wisdom beyond my years. Other than my physical ability being far more superior than most kids my age, some of this knowledge helped propel my acumen as a baseball player. Now, knowing the importance of being afforded opportunities and furthermore seizing the moment, I take great pride in my endorsement partnership with Adidas as they prepare to create opportunities for baseball’s future stars while preparing them to seize the moment.

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As venues and dates are being finalized, these opportunities consist of product giveaways, product demonstrations, and events for middle and high school students which include tournaments and position specific clinics, concluding with player evaluations, seminars, and the importance of community and family. As a brand ambassador, I will work closely with Adidas and provide input from a professional perspective and an insider of professional baseball to enhance the players’ experience. Myself and other Adidas brand ambassadors will attend these events to provide attendees with as much insight as possible through clinics, seminars and Q&A’s.

With plenty of excitement, Adidas and I will use our tools and resources to create opportunities for young baseball players. How cool would it be for you and your organization to become the face of a company that has been a staple in our community for decades? Adidas has a long-standing commitment to sports and the future of creativity as they move to brand their latest line of baseball products with the future faces of baseball.