Leveraging Mobile Technology…..in Sports

The use of mobile technology to boost fan engagement in sports has grown over the past few years. One of the most evolving mobile technologies in the sports world would be fantasy sports and its many applications; particularly the NFL’s fantasy football app. After recognizing the rapidly growing popularity of fantasy sports, the NFL developed an application to utilize as an outlet to influence television viewership and increase their fans’ engagement by being able to track their teams and players in real time.

The following infographics offer great details on the viewership and potential revenue from fantasy football for the NFL.

Growth of Fantasy Sports is an Unstoppable Reality [Infographic]

The Lucrative and Growing Fantasy Football Industry [Infographic]

In a partnership with DirecTV and several years of successful NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions, commercial-free NFL RedZone channel was created to cater to fantasy football enthusiasts by focusing on live game action around the league. Switching from stadium to stadium, game to game, RedZone would capture the games’ most exciting moments when teams are in the red zone or in scoring position. Since its partnership with DirecTV, the NFL has since then created another RedZone Channel with an identical format, same coverage with similar names but hosted on the NFL Network. This broadens their reach and viewership by expanding the availability of the RedZone platform. Fantasy stats are also displayed on each team’s scoreboard during the game so fans can follow along with their rostered players. Teams have also improved their in-stadium Wi-Fi connectivity to support the increasing demand in bandwidth used for fantasy football apps.

Lack of Mobile Technology & Fan Involvement

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With all of the technology available and start-up companies developing technology to improve or enhance sports leagues and teams, the sport of boxing falls short in implementing new technologies to enhance fan experience or evolve the sport as a whole. Other sports leagues such as football, baseball, basketball and even NASCAR have implemented new technologies to bring fans closer to the action from the privacy of their own homes or mobile devices. With all of the up-close action, technical aspects of training and technique required to perform in the sport of boxing, boxing leagues should design a technology initiative to partner with start-ups to create technology to improve fan involvement and engagement.



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