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Gatorade has launched a first-of-its-kind hydration tracking system that incorporates compelling aspects of the latest trends in customization, personalization and mobile connectivity. The system consists of a customizable squeeze bottle that reflects an individual player’s or team colors, Gatorade formula pods that are personalized by flavor, electrolytes levels and carbohydrates and a skin patch that analyzes an athlete’s sweat. All of these elements are connected to the Gx mobile platform which analyzes sweat lose to calculate recommendations on the proper Gatorade formula and the amount of fluid to be consumed according to the data analysis software.

Mobile Applications

In a partnership with Volt Athletics, Gatorade has put its stamp on an athletic training application that builds custom workouts for athletes for 38 different sports. The application analyzes the data input by the athlete then optimizes a training program for their specific sport and fitness goals. The application also features programs for coaches that will design full-year sport-specific training programs that are customized for entire teams. While implementing Gatorade’s Sports Science Institution information for proper hydration, there are also training aids to mitigate injuries in position specific athletes and periodic result optimization to avoid overtraining and off-season maintenance to improve endurance.

Social Media

Social media platforms are an essential mobility technology outlet for brands to engage with consumers. Gatorade utilizes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr in various ways to engage with their audience and target specific audiences. With a clear understanding of their audiences’ characteristics on each specific network, each platform delivers specific content engaging with that platform’s specific audience.


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