Mobility Solutions: Gatorade

Innovation Gatorade has launched a first-of-its-kind hydration tracking system that incorporates compelling aspects of the latest trends in customization, personalization and mobile connectivity. The system consists of a customizable squeeze bottle that reflects an individual player’s or team colors, Gatorade formula pods that are personalized by flavor, electrolytes levels and carbohydrates and a skin patch […]

PSD to Responsive Web Design

Throughout the month, we’ve explored the modern web design process, style guides, wire-framing, color theory and typography; which were pertinent to learning web design. Beyond learning techniques and processes of web design, i’d like to introduce some web design software and processes that integrates the lessons we’ve learned this month. This video introduces Brackets (; an open […]

Creative Process

One of the client’s primary objectives was to appear trustworthy to their visitors. With the psychology of color and how it affects a brand in mind, I chose  blue as my primary color because it represents trustworthiness. The other colors in the palette are complimentary and analogous colors which are accents. The color palette was generated through […]