Adidas Brand Ambassador Kris Bryant Helps Adidas Create Opportunities for Youth Baseball Players (Public Relations Campaign Course Assignment)

As a child, baseball was my life. The ultimate goal in my life was to become a Major League Baseball player and with all of the tools and resources readily available, all I had to do was work hard. My dad played minor league baseball for a number of years and was blessed to be […]

The Raiders Are Coming & So Is a Taste of Oakland (Public Relations Campaign Course Assignment)

It is with great enthusiasm that on behalf of the Raiders organization and the city of Oakland, I announce that the Raiders Organization will integrate the culinary culture of Oakland in the construction of the new Las Vegas Stadium. The decision to incorporate this into the Farmer’s Market within the stadium was to continue our […]

Stephen Curry & PGA Juniors of America Partner to Transplant Golf in Urban Communities (Public Relations Campaign Course Assignment)

Embed from Getty Images My partnership with the PGA Juniors of America comes with great enthusiasm for my passion for golf and commitment to influence youth participation in the sport. Building complexes in the inner-cities to encourage these communities to participate in the sport of golf is crucial to bridging the diversity gap. One of […]